Have TV Watching Behaviors Shifted in the Streaming Era?

January 22nd, 2020

Cable prices are soaring while streaming services factor heavily into today’s pop culture. Ben & Jerry’s has even gone so far as to announce a new Netflix inspired flavor. With this in mind, we surveyed 1,110 of our proprietary panelists aged 18 to 64 to understand how they are watching entertainment content.

A few notable findings include:

Netflix is the most commonly watched streaming service. Also worth mentioning, four-in-ten under age 40 indicate they are watching content via new streaming service on the block, Disney+.

Login sharing is becoming commonplace and half agree that streaming services make it easy to use someone else’s login.

Streaming services have diminished the need to pay for traditional cable or see movies in a theater.

The majority feel overwhelmed by the amount of content available and find it hard to stay current.

Check out additional findings below!


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