“She’s So Sensitive”: Are You Using Polarizing Terms to Describe Women at Work?

July 23rd, 2019

The next recap of our Women in the Workplace research delves into women’s perceptions of words used to describe them on the job. The findings show that in some cases, the words are only part of the equation: it also depends on who’s saying them.

Chances are, she’ll consider it a compliment if you refer to her as confident, energetic, or rational.

The word she’s most apt to perceive as an insult? Stubborn.

Interestingly,  a few words emerge where women feel it “depends on who’s saying it.” Stubborn makes another appearance near the top of this list, behind sensitive and alongside working mom and bubbly.

Can we agree to do away with the word “stubborn” in the workplace and reassess a few others as well?

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