Ins & Outs of Meal Kit Subscription Boxes

September 11th, 2019

Deciding what to fix for dinner can be daunting, especially when factoring in selecting a recipe, shopping for ingredients, and actually preparing the meal. It’s easy to see why some people turn to cereal, takeout, or opt to make a few clicks on their phone to get a warm meal delivered with zero additional effort.

Meal kit subscription boxes are a good middle ground option for some, while others have yet to get behind this concept. To understand the key benefits, pain points, and barriers, we surveyed 2,518 members aged 18 to 69 (comprised of both users and non-users of meal kit subscription boxes).

Among those who have bought or received a meal kit subscription box, the convenience of doorstep delivery is the top benefit, followed by getting to try new ingredients & recipes.

By far the biggest drawback among current and past purchasers of meal kit subscription boxes? The price. Similarly, by a wide margin, non-buyers identify the price as the biggest barrier to purchase.

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