Market Research AMA: Industry Superlatives

June 14th, 2019

Inspired by our favorite subreddit, we posed industry superlative questions to our internal market research experts. Read on to find out which research buzzwords are tired and the “you know you work in market research” quotes that ring most true.

Most overused research buzzword or phrase? Congratulations, “big data”, you’re officially played out.

Other overdone buzzwords? We’re looking at you, “disruptor” and “automation”.

Relatable “you know you work in Market Research” quotes? “Sample doesn’t sleep” tops the list.

I just need one more left-handed tap dancer in North Dakota with a pet turtle and then this quota is filled.

Also relevant for a third of our market research team? “I’m gonna need to think outside the bid for this.”

Any other overplayed research buzzwords to report? Got any topics you’d like us to poll our global team of market research mavens on? We’d love to hear your unique ideas!

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