America’s Got Talent: Predicting A Winner

August 23rd, 2018

With America’s Got Talent heating up, we reached out to our panel for insights into a predicted winner.

The study’s results, taken from hundreds of dedicated America’s Got Talent fans, show a forecasted winner of Courtney Hadwin, the 13 year-old from England who received the Golden Buzzer from Howie Mandel.

Close behind were Makayla Phillips, Shin Lim, and Voices of Hope.

Not only was it found that Courtney Hadwin is thought to come out on top, but it was determined that over 82% of viewers were female who watch the show live. Almost 50% of the survey respondents watch it with their significant other and their children.

When it comes to voting, it was revealed more than half of respondents participate, however a small group votes only when their favorite contestant has performed.

With an engaging panel like ours, quick insight into a variety of topics, including today’s pop culture, are easy to conduct. Our respondents allow for targeted surveys like this one with results in just one day!  

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And the winner is…. Shin Lim! The incredible magician with mind blowing tricks and illusions. Our panel wasn’t too far off in predicting this year’s winner!  

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