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Prodege utilizes RelevantID to certify panelists. RelevantID gathers a large number of data points from a respondent’s computer - they then run the data to create a unique digital print. Through the use of RelevantID’s real time APIs, Prodege can independently verify that participants are real, unique, and fraud free.

Device Fingerprinting

Prodege uses state of the art device fingerprinting paired with fraud check and identity services to ensure best in sample. The goal of device fingerprinting is to connect online identities to real-world ones, offering continued knowledge of user’s behavior.

Physical Address

Prodege identifies the geographic location of the user by country, state/region, city, postal code, metro code, latitude and longitude information, and verifies the IP address is originating from where the individual should be.

Device Reputation

Prodege has respondents you can count on. To ensure data quality we look at the history of our sample’s devices. Device reputation confirms that devices haven’t been linked to fraudulent activity.

Mobile Verification

Prodege verifies user identity via unique mobile numbers. As mobile phones are the primary device users have on them, this ensures respondents are who they say they are.

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